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Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday Blues

OK, it is Monday and I have the blues. There is not much going on here at work so I thought I would crank out a short blog update. My interview went well but I don't think the job is for me. I enjoy the international aspect of my position more than I would have enjoyed the extra money. Also I want to be able to travel more to Asia and Europe and all over the world. As for the interview itself, it lasted about 90 minutes and I talked to two different interviewers. There was not time where I embarrassed myself so I would not be too surprised if they offer me the job. Then again, I don't think that I looked like I would take the job so they might not. I'm not worried either way. There is always a chance I could move back to Japan if the job was right. Should I be more worried about money? I'm getting old and need to think about the future more, no? I have a meeting so I have to go.


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