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Saturday, June 10, 2006

I would like to buy a hamburger.

I wanted to add this video I found on the internet today. It will make you laugh (I hope) but it also shows that EVERYONE has a hard time learning a new language and you should never get to down on yourself if you are having trouble with English. This is a famous actor in America, do you know him? I will add another video soon, but I thought you would like to see this. I will also do another podcast soon. Enjoy and tell me what you think!



Blogger Papi Saffle said...

R and L can be difficult for Japanese and other Asian countries for sure. I think that I should talk about it in my next podcast. We have 5 vowels in English,
"A, E, I , O , U" and 21 constantans. We have 26 letters in total which can all have many different sounds. "C" in "cat" sounds different than in the word "cell." That's what makes English difficult to learn. Japanese you have a few rules like this but not nearly as many as English.

I will check out that Nationwide video when I get a chance. Sounds interesting!



Wednesday, June 14, 2006  

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