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Saturday, January 13, 2007

GEC Email Question

OK, I got an email from a GEC member who asked:

I am preparing to go to America, and I have a small question.
What kinds of Japanese souvenirs would be appreciated by Americans?
While in America, I will have a chance to stay at someone's home.
They will treat me with kindness, so I would like to give them a few small presents.
The only problem is I can not bring anything big and heavy with me from Japan.
I have already bought some greeting cards with traditional Japanese art on them.
If you have any idea, please let me know.
Thank you for your kindness. Have a nice weekend!

That you for your questions. First off, I think it is great you are coming to America. I hope you have a great time. Second, I think bringing a small gift from Japan is a great idea. The greeting cards are a good start and I think will be appreciated by your host family. I would also suggest some sort of snack food. Stay away from fish sacks and stick with sweet things like maybe bean paste sweets or something like rice crackers. The key word here is "It's the thought that counts." Like in Japan, the mere act of giving a gift is the most important thing to most people.

I hope other take the time to email and I will make another idiom podcast soon.



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