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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Dining Alfresco

It's the time of year when people like to do things outside. Washington D.C. is famous for being very hot and humid in the "dog days of summer." But in May and June the weather is not unbearable and people like to get out and enjoy nature. One way people get outdoors more is to eat outside. Many restaurants have outdoor seating for people who want to eat "alfresco." On a sunny afternoon after work you can see hundreds of business and government workers enjoying "happy hour" with co-workers and friends.

What do you like to do in Japan when you leave work? Do you go straight home or do you have a "watering hole" you stop off at?

In today's podcast I introduced a few new vocabulary words and an idiom.

Dog Days of Summer: The hottest days of the summer that are both hot and humid. "Man, I hate the dog days of summer in Washington D.C. It's unbearable!"

Alfresco: Eating outside at a restaurant. "I love to eat alfresco during the spring and summer."

Happy Hour: the special time when restaurants and bars have drink and food specials. "Let's go to the Irish pub after work, they have great happy hour specials. $3 pints of Guinness!"

Watering Hole: another term for bar. "Let's go to my favorite watering hole near the office. They don't have a happy hour but they atmosphere is worth the extra cost."

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