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Friday, November 23, 2007

Genki English Club is changing...

Hello again! I am changing the name of my ESL blog. Genki English Club was too long and too confusing to many of the readers of my blog. I originally made my blog for a Japanese audience but over the past year or two I see that more and more people who visit my site are from all over the world. So I have changed the name to....(drum roll) Saffle Says --- English Lessons for Learners.

Saffle Says will have the same content as GEC though I will change the Japanese settings to English so that everyone can read my page. I will soon shut down Genki English Club so please bookmark the new website address in your browser. If you subscribe to the podcast, you will not have to change anything.

If you have any problems getting to the new site or finding the podcast please let me know.



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