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Monday, March 02, 2009

Snow Day!

It's snowing in Downtown Washington D.C. and I thought I would introduce some snow themed English expressions.

What is a snow day? A snow day is when the school or office is closed because of dangerous wintry conditions. "I was so happy when I was a kid when we had a snow day."

What does it mean to be snowed in? This one may seem obvious to most of you, but if you hear about someone being snowed in that means they are trapped where they are because of the snow. This usually does not mean it's impossible to move but more that it would be unsafe to drive or take a lot of effort to walk. "I couldn't get to the store because we were snowed in all weekend."

The most fun I had as a kid during a snow day was going outside to sled. I also liked to drink hot chocolate when I got back inside to warm up. Memories like that make me all warm inside!


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