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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

A Cup of Juan Valdez's Best

I love coffee. I drink coffee everyday and I like to try different kinds from different countries.  I also like iced coffee but only in the summer when it's too hot to drink regular coffee.

Recently I have been drinking a lot of Colombian coffee. Most people know that Juan Valdez is the national brand of Colombia, but traveling to the country a couple of times a year to visit my wife's family, I have been able to buy a few different types. They were all fantastic.

When I went to the UK to visit my friend Richard I was introduced to Caffe Nero. (Normally you would spell this word "cafe" but this is a proper noun) This was a popular coffee shop in London, almost as popular as Starbucks. It's been a while since I have been to London but the next time I go I am sure one of my first cups of Joe will be at Caffe Nero.

Some people would call me a "coffee snob" because I don't mind paying as much as $5 a cup. And it's true, I tend to thumb my nose to cheaper coffee that you can buy at McDonalds or in a vending machine.

Do you like to drink coffee? If you do, what brands do you like? What do you like to put into your coffee? I like a little raw sugar or panela (a South American sugar) but not milk. My wife like to have half coffee and half milk. She calls that a cafe.

If you don't drink coffee, what do you drink?

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