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Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring is here!

So happy to have winter in the rear view mirror. Spring has sprung and boy are we happy to have the warm weather finally. We had way too much snow this season but that appears to be behind us. Although here in Washington D.C. the seasons like to play tricks on us and sometimes act out of character. Sometimes it will snow in April or we will get 70 degree weather in January. I remember one January back in 2007 when it was so warm for a week that the cherry blossoms started to prematurely bloom. 4 months early!

Here is a picture I took with my old cellphone back then.

As you can see my wife Nohora is getting ready for softball season. She will join me and my company's softball team this summer. Having never played softball before, we thought it prudent to get some practice in. This weekend we worked on throwing and catching. We will have to work on hitting sometime later. You can never practice too much!

Speaking of cherry blossoms, the cherry blossom festival is coming soon and Nohora and I have volunteered to work. This is be Nohora's first time at the festival and it will be my 8th in a row. I have volunteered each of those 8 years and this year we will work at the sake tent. Oh yeah! I don't know a lot about sake but will do my best to learn all I can before the festival. I of course will have pictures to share in April.

I hope it is warm where you are!