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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hot Ticket!

Hope you are having a nice weather where you live. Here in Washington D.C. it's freezing! I realized that it's been too long since I posted some idioms to my site. So I have three for you today!

I had a lesson with one of my regular eikaiwa 英会話 students and we talked about a couple of interesting idioms and vocabulary words you might want to learn.

Hot Ticket: a very popular thing, show or something of the sort. "The new Broadway show with Nathan Lane is going to be a hot ticket."

Mark My Words: what someone might say when making a prediction or prognostication. "Netflix stock might be lower this year, but mark my words, it will get back to $300 a share in 2012."

Canary in a Coal Mine: is a warning of danger or trouble that is about to happen. Mining workers would carry these small birds down into the tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases would kill the canary before killing the miners. It was an early warning system. "Did you hear about Bob getting laid-off? That's the canary in the coal mine, we better update our resumes before we're next!"

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

London, England

London 2011 by Michael Saffle
London 2011, a photo by Michael Saffle on Flickr.

We are back from vacation and I have pictures to share. It was a lot of fun and Nohora and I must have walked for miles!

Click on the picture to see them all or click here: