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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Bitter Pill to Swallow

Sometimes, you just have to accept something that is not good news (at least to you) and move on. For example, it's tax day and you have to pay Uncle Sam a good chunk on money, or you see on paper how much you gave him last year. On the one hand, you should be happy you make as much as you do to have such a large tax bill. On the other hand, you worked hard for that money, why should you have to give so much of it back? Either way, most people feel that taxes is a bitter pill to swallow. Something that wasn't enjoyable, but you had to do it, or accept it anyway.

Well, tomorrow is Monday and most of us have to get back to work. Another bitter pill to swallow, but at least it's better than paying your taxes!

- Michael 

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