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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Cutting Edge vs. Bleeding Edge

cutting edge vs. bleeding edge
From time to time I am asked by my international students what "cutting edge" means, or "bleeding edge". Often this idiom is used when it comes to talking about technology. I will read an article about a new cell phone, maybe the new LG G7, and it will mention it's cutting edge camera, or cutting edge battery. Cutting edge refers to the newest, most advanced technology in this case. When you look at Tesla, the electric car company, you might hear someone say,  "Tesla is at the cutting edge of electric cars."

Now, when you hear the expression, "bleeding edge" that refers to the absolute, newest, most advanced technology, which usually has not been proven to be popular. If I drive a 2018 Toyota Prius today, it's cutting edge technology coming out of Japan. But if I was driving the Prius in 1997 that I had imported from Japan, I would be on the bleeding edge of technology.

"Hey Mark, what are you investing in these days?"
"Hey Bill, I'm investing in a block-chain company that aims to disrupt the internet!"
"That sounds like some bleeding edge stuff, be careful!"

- Michael

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