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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Spring Time Idioms


It's Spring time and my cherry tree is about to burst with color. Spring is traditionally the time of renewal and a chance to begin again. When I lived in Japan the school I taught in (and all schools for that matter) started their year in Spring, not in the Autumn like we do in the U.S. I always thought that was a wonderful idea. 

Here are some idioms for this time of year that maybe you can sprinkle into your conversations in English. Remember, if you want to practice with me, you can set-up a one-on-one casual English conversation with me. Just follow this link for details. 

  • The heavens open - When it suddenly starts to rain heavily. "As soon as we left the house, the heavens opened and we were soaked to the bone." What makes this idiom slightly different from the classic "it's raining cats and dogs" is the suddenness of the rain. 
  • No spring chicken - Means that someone is quite old or well past their youth. "How old is the gym teacher?"  "I don't know, but he's no spring chicken for sure." 
  • Fresh as a daisy - Someone who is as fresh as a daisy is lively and attractive, in a clean and fresh way. "I met Susan for breakfast after the long night of karaoke. Unbelievable, she looked as fresh as a daisy!"
  • One swallow does not a spring make - One piece of evidence does not mean that something is definitely the case or is going to happen. "I know you're excited about getting your vaccine, but you can't go out maskless yet, and one swallow does not a spring make." 

Enjoy your spring and get outside (but bring an umbrella)! 

- Michael